Could this become a BMW G310RR?

TVS Apache RR310S

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 5:09 PM
TVS Apache RR 310

The tale of the forthcoming TVS Apache RR310S has played out in public since the Indian firm previewed the bike with its Akula concept. Spy shots have been rife, but this patent image shows an undisguised image of the new baby sports bike.

TVS is BMW’s partner in India. It already builds the G310R and G310GS single-cylinder models and will use the same technology and components in the new Apache RR310S. So if BMW decides to offer a single-cylinder sports bike, it will effectively be a reworked version of the RR310S.

While BMW hasn’t confirmed such a ‘G310RR’ model, it makes sense. Rivals already compete in the junior sports bike segment and there’s the WSS300 championship supporting WSB to promote the class.

Under its skin, the Apache RR310S is all BMW. The engine is the BMW G310’s 313cc, reverse cylinder single. The frame is the same. The swingarm is the same. The forks and brakes, even the wheels are the same as the BMW G310R. Only some new clip-on bars, rearset pegs and the all-enveloping bodywork set the Apache aside.

In terms of performance, the similarity to the G310R means we know just how fast it is, too. The engine will make the same 34hp at 9500rpm and 28Nm at 7500rpm. Its weight will also be close to the G310R’s 158.5kg, ready to ride and full of fuel.

Unsurprisingly, TVS will make the Apache RR310S alongside its BMW sisters in the same factory.

The remaining question is whether BMW will adopt its Indian-made stepchild into the fold. If BMW does opt to offer a sports version of the G310, it’s likely to want unique bodywork rather than sharing the TVS’s style.

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