About us

Here is a short description about us!

MOTORRAD is Europe’s oldest and largest media brand focussing on motor-driven two-wheel vehicles. Its English language website can be found at www.motorcycle-magazine.com, while the German website can be found at www.motorradonline.de. The MOTORRAD magazine is published bi-weekly on a Friday, and is produced in Stuttgart, Germany.

The major topics covered by MOTORRAD are reviews and comparisons of motorcycles. These are based on a unique 1,000-point assessment scheme comprising the following categories: engine, chassis, everyday driving, safety and costs. This enables the objective comparison of motorcycles across genre and model year boundaries.

In addition to this, MOTORRAD maintains an endurance test vehicle fleet: these motorcycles are driven 50,000 kilometres and all costs and unusual events are documented. At the end of an endurance test, the editorial staff open up the engine and tests all components for wear, evaluating them in accordance with an established assessment scheme.

The standard content within our magazine and on our website is regularly supplemented with tyre, clothing and accessories reviews in all motorcycle-related areas, as well as travel reports and touring tips. Furthermore, MOTORRAD presents innovations and delivers reports from the biking scene, trade fairs and from various racing events.