Erik Buell is one of the three partners behind new electric bike project

VanguardSpark: Buell is Back

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 10:44 AM
VanguardSpark Commuter

Erik Buell is one of the three partners behind new electric bike project VanguardSpark which will show its first prototypes this summer.

It’s the brainchild of Buell, Vanguard founder F-X Terny and Formula-E manufacturer Spark Racing Technology. The firm intends to start with two models.

VanguardSpark SpeedBikeVanguardSpark SpeedBike

The first machine is a battery assisted bicycle dubbed SpeedBike, which the firm says it’s a step forward from normal pedelecs. Its performance and range make it a viable replacement for mopeds and small scooters, although that may lead to licence issues in some markets.

VanguardSpark CommuterVanguardSpark Commuter

The boringly-named, but interesting-looking ‘Commuter’ model is more intriguing. It’s a full-on electric motorcycle with a range of more than 150km. It’s clearly still in the low performance bracket, but it looks attractive in the early handout image.

VanguardSpark has released drawings of both models but emphasises that they show the design direction rather than the final styling. The firm says it’s filing four patent applications around its technology, so there’s something innovative under the skin. You’d expect as much from Erik Buell.

Interested parties can find register with the firm’s website here to get more information.

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