Supercharged H2 SX is surprisingly affordable

Kawasaki’s 2018 prices

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 10:36 AM
Kawasaki's 2018 prices

We’ve just seen Kawasaki’s 2018 prices in the UK and they carry a big surprise. Amazingly, the new, supercharged H2 SX is more than £10,000 cheaper than the H2 superbike that spawned it.

While it’s tough to classify a £15,099 motorcycle as ‘cheap’ the H2 SX costs far less than most people expected. It’s torquier than and nearly as powerful as the H2 superbike, which costs £25,499 in its base form. The H2 Carbon is even more at £27,999 and the H2R is a frightening £47,000. They all make the new H2 SX seem like an absolute bargain. In ‘SE’ form, with cornering lights, quick-shift and TFT dash, the SX is £18,099.

Elsewhere in the range, the Z900RS is the most notable newcomer. Kawasaki’s 2018 prices put it at £9899 for the cheapest version, in black. The black-and-green scheme is £200 extra, while the brown and orange version costs £10,199. Meanwhile, the Z900RS Cafe is set to cost £10,349.

That means you could buy both Kawasaki’s headline 2018 models – the H2 SX and the Z900RS Cafe – for less than the list price of a base Kawasaki H2.

Other new Kawasakis for 2018 include the Ninja 400. That bike will cost £5295 in black or £5399 in KRT race rep colours. That undercuts the £5799 Honda CBR500R, but sits a fraction above the £5199 Yamaha YZF-R3.

One model that is expensive is the Kawasaki ZX-10R SE. While the base ZX-10R is £14,149, the new SE – which adds semi-active suspension, Marchesini wheels and a quick-shifter – is £18,949. That’s more than £2500 pricier than the homologation special ZX-10RR (which also has the Marchesinis and shifter as standard.) You’ve got to really want that semi-active suspension to pay out for the SE, particularly since the standard stuff is already exceptionally good.

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