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Honda Monkey 125 nearly here

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 1:58 PM
Honda Monkey 125

Honda Monkey 125Honda has gained European type approval for its upcoming new Monkey 125. The bike appeared as a near-production concept at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. Now production is imminent.

We can reveal key specifications of the new Monkey, which takes the hugely successful MSX125 – or Grom – as its basis. According to the bike’s EU type approval documents, it’s 1710mm long, which is a fraction shorter than the 1755mm MSX125. Wheelbase, at 1155mm, is also a little shorter than the MSX’s 1200mm.

Honda Monkey 125However, the stubby Monkey 125 is wider than the MSX125 at 755mm, up from 730mm, and a fraction taller at 1030mm compared to 1000mm.

The Tokyo Show Monkey 125 concept was 1713mm long, 753mm wide and 1030mm tall. That means the production bike is basically identical to the concept version.

Engine wise, the bike uses the same air-cooled single as the MSX125. It makes a little less power though; 6.9kW (9.4PS, 9.25hp) compared to the MSX125’s 7.2kW (9.8PS, 9.65hp). That’s probably a function of the Monkey’s different exhaust system, which also makes it fractionally quieter than the MSX. Type-approval figures put the Monkey 125 at 79dB compared to 82dB for the MSX125.

Honda Monkey 125Honda will use the Monkey 125 name to sell the bike, but its internal designation is Z125 MA. The Monkey name is far more familiar, though, and since Kawasaki’s Grom rival is called Z125, Honda isn’t likely to use the internal name publicly.

Honda’s Thai factory will produce the Monkey 125, which will go on sale very soon.

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