Suzuki's Chinese partner preparing a new naked sports bike

Haojue HJ300-A points to Suzuki GSX-S300

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 4:44 PM
Haojue HJ300-A

Haojue is Suzuki’s partner in China. It already builds the GW250, GSX-250R and V-Strom 250 and now it’s got another parallel twin in the wings. It’s the HJ300-A but it could also become a Suzuki GSX-S300.

This time it’s a 300, with an engine that’s a development of the smaller Suzuki 250 motor. Changes to the SOHC unit are significant, with a bigger bore and longer stroke. New cases and covers are evident  in the patent images published in China.

Haojue HJ300-AWith a capacity of at least 300cc, as denoted by the Haojue’s HJ300-A name, performance will be a step above the 250cc Suzuki models. Higher-spec suspension including upside-down forks and what looks like a cast aluminium swingarm reflect that extra performance.

The frame’s new, too, and the bodywork has more than a hint of Suzuki GSX-S750 to its shapes. That makes a lot of sense; Haojue is also due to make a version of the GSX-S750 next year for the Chinese market.

That leaves the question of what Suzuki gains from the deal. It might well be that the Haojue is effectively identical to an as-yet-unreleased GSX-S300. Suzuki is planning just such a bike, along with a GSX-R300 faired version. It makes sense that Haojue build them to keep costs down. The first time we saw the Suzuki GW250 Inazuma it was on show in China, long before the the worldwide version appeared. History could be repeating itself here.

While the patents give a clear view of the HJ300-A, it mightn’t be long before we see the real thing. The bike could debut at the 2018 China (Jiangmen) International Motorcycle Industry Expo from 21-23 April.

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