China’s new 800cc V-twin cruiser breaks cover

Revealed: Chongqing CQ800

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 1:11 PM
Chongqing CQ800

This is the new Chongqing CQ800. It’s one of a growing number of large-capacity, multi-cylinder cruisers to emerge from China.

The bike appears here in a leaked image and uses an 800cc V-twin from Gaokin. The same motor has already appeared in the upcoming Motrac 800V. In fact, the chassis also appears to be shared with the Motrac, and the new Chongqing also shares a number of parts including its fuel tank with an unnamed 800cc cruiser shown on Gaokin’s own website.

This sort of confusing web of shared parts and cross-pollination is typical of the Chinese bike industry. However, all three variations share the same badge and may eventually go on sale under the Motrac brand.

And regardless of which firm is responsible for the major components, the existence of such a large-capacity Chinese bike was unthinkable a few years ago.

In terms of specs, the Chongqing CQ800 iks 2370mm long, 840mm wide and 1080mm tall. It tips the scales at 260kg ready-to-ride. Power is officially 52hp, but Gaokin rates the same engine at 60hp. It achieves that maximum at 6000rpm. Peak torque is around 55lbft at 5000rpm.

The styling is typical cruiser fare, but underneath there’s an aluminium frame rather than the normal tubular steel chassis. No-name inverted forks and twin rear shocks, along with radial front brakes, complete the running gear. Up front there’s a 140/75-17 tyre, with a wide 200/55-17 at the rear, both on alloy rims.

While the Motrac version of the bike first couple of years ago as a concept, it’s still not clear when it will go on sale. There’s also no indication of whether the machines will go on sale internationally.

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