Jinyi JY2400DJ-X could be the future of law enforcement

China’s electric police bike

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 1:19 PM
Jinyi electric police bike

China is embracing electric bikes unlike any other nation and even its police could soon be riding electric two-wheelers. This electric police bike is vying for a contract that could see thousands hit the the streets.

A civilian version would be likely to follow, too.

And it’s not a low-performance machine, either. Created by Jinyi, the JY2400DJ-X has a 24kW motor. That’s 33hp, which might not seem much, but it’s a continuous power figure. That means it can remain at that performance level indefinitely, or at least until the battery dies. Its peak power – which is more in line with the power figures we’re used to hearing for petrol bikes – is around 40kW. That’s 54hp; quite a lot for an electric bike.

The power source is a 118.4V, 10.6kWh lithium battery. It’s good enough to give the bike a 100mph top speed (160km/h). We don’t know its range or recharging times yet, but to be a practical electric police bike it’s going to need decent figures for both.

It uses a conventional-looking chassis, with upside-down forks and an aluminium frame to hold the electric motor in place. Dual radial brakes at the front reflect the bike’s performance and weight – a not inconsiderable 315kg ready-to-run. A civilian version with less kit would be rather lighter.

The bike’s future will depend completely on whether the Chinese authorities decide to buy large numbers of them. If that happens, the contract will surely provide the financial security to see the company step forward with a showroom version.


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