UK-market bargains on the SV650 and GSX-S1000

Suzuki finance deals revealed

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 6:27 PM
Suzuki finance deal

A new set of Suzuki finance deals means that British buyers can ride away on an SV650 for as little as £60 per month while a GSX-S1000 is only £90 per month.

As Suzuki’s own press release points out, the SV650 represents a new bike for less than £2 per day – less than you might pay for a cup of coffee. You’ll need a deposit of £1500, as well, though.

The SV650 deal is split up into a £1500 deposit, 36 monthly payments of £60 and an optional final payment of £2696 if you opt to keep the bike. You’ d also have the option of handing it back at the end of the three-year deal and perhaps upgrading to another bike.

The updated 2017 GSX-S1000, which gets a slipper clutch and power increase this year, comes in at £90 per month. The deal revolves around a £2500 deposit, 36 monthly payments of £90 and an optional final payment of £5029, representing a cash price of £9839. The faired GSX-S1000F can be had with the same £2500 deposit, followed by 36 monthly payments of a round £100 and an optional final payment of £5341.

All three Suzuki finance deals have an APR of 4.9%. That means while the monthly payments are low, there is an overall penalty to buying this way. The SV650 would represent a total outlay of £6356, where a cash buyer would be paying £5839. The GSX-S1000 would cost £10,769 (cash price £9839) and the GSX-S1000F a total of £11,441 compared to a cash price of £10,439.

Suzuki GB’s national sales manager, Jonathan Martin, announced the new Suzuki finance offer, saying: “Now we’re entering peak buying season we’ve made riding one of our most popular street bike models an even more affordable proposition. Plenty of people spend money on coffee shop coffees every day, and the fact that you can ride a brand new SV650 for the less money per day represents incredible value, while the GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F models are now available with the lowest monthly repayments since their launch.”

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