And there’s a new 660 Vintage, too

Return of the Jawa 350

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 1:22 PM
Jawa 350 OHC

Jawa 350 OHCNo it’s not the smoky old two-stroke of yore but Czech firm Jawa is drawing on that bike’s heritage to reinvent bring back the Jawa 350 name.

And it’s bringing back the look, too. The new Jawa 350 OHC’s style is instantly recognisable as related to the old smoker. In fact the old two-stroke version is still in production, if only for markets with very slack emissions rules.

Jawa 350 OHC

Engine is Chinese-made Honda clone

Despite being an air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke, the new engine is actually more powerful than the old two-stroke twin. The motor is a Honda XR400 clone built by Chinese firm Shineray with the addition of fuel injection. It makes 20.4kW (27.4bhp) at 6500rpm, up from the old stroker’s 17kW at 5250rpm. Torque is 30.6Nm at 5000rpm, which is roughly on a par with the old two-stroke’s 32Nm at 4750rpm.

Jawa 350 OHC

Yes, that’s ABS on a Jawa 350!

Other updates include a five-speed gearbox – the two-stroke has a four-speed – and an electric starter. There’s even ABS on the 280mm front disc brake.

Reflecting the far better economy of the four-stroke, the 350 OHC’s fuel tank is a mere 12.5l against the huge 17l tank of the old 350 two-stroke.

Jawa 350 two stroke

Original two-stroke 350 is still in production, too

In its home market, where the bike has gone on sale, there’s a big premium to pay for the four-stroke machine, though. Its base price is CZK 99,930 (€3750, £3150, $4080), compared to CZK 69,130 (€2600, £2175, $2820) for the stroker.

Jawa 660 Vintage

New 660 Vintage also plays on classic Jawa style

Jawa is also pursuing the retro market with its new 660 Vintage, which is derived from the existing Sportard model. Powered by the Minarelli 660 single that’s best known from the Yamaha XT660, it gets 36kW (48bhp) and has similar styling to the new 350 OHC, albeit with high-mounted exhausts that add a touch of scrambler to the appearance.

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