Big-wheel baggers added to the Indian range

Indian Chieftain Limited and Elite

Written by Ben Purvis , Date 3:51 PM
Indian Chieftain Limited

If you’re already confused by the endless permutations of the same components in the Indian range prepare to be even more baffled by the new Indian Chieftain Limited and Elite models.

You might have thought that one bagger was enough for any manufacturer’s range. With the Chieftain and Chieftain Dark Horse Indian already had two. Now that range has doubled with the introduction of two more takes on the bagger theme.

Indian Chieftain LimitedThe Chieftain Limited and Elite are marked out by the decision to follow the trend of oversized front wheels. The normal Chieftain’s 16-inch rim is replaced with a massive 19-inch version. The bikes also swap the traditional flowing Indian front fender with a cut back version that shows off the front wheel more.

Spec-wise, the bikes use the familiar Thunder Stroke 111, 1811cc engine with around 95hp (although power figures aren’t quoted) and 135Nm of torque at just 2100rpm. That grunt helps shift some heavy metal, as the Chieftain Limited has a dry weight of 371kg. The Elite is even heftier at 377kg, dry.

You do get lots of toys, though, including Indian’s Ride Command touchscreen system and premium audio.

“Our goal was to evolve the award-winning Chieftain platform with new models that significantly elevate the bike’s style, while still staying true to the signature design qualities that Indian Motorcycle is known for,” said Reid Wilson, Director of Marketing for Indian Motorcycle. “There’s no doubt the Chieftain Limited has a commanding presence and signature details that make it 100 per cent Indian.”

The Chieftain Elite is basically the same as the Limited, but each one is hand-painted with ‘ultra-premium candy paint’. It also gets a different tank console, horn, airbox and primary and cam covers with pinstripes.

Prices start at £21,999 in the UK for the Chieftain Limited. The Elite will cost more, of course.

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